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single crate mould

Single Crate Mould KESHI 010

Crate mould

KESHI MOULD is a leading plastic crate mould manufacturer china, supply various dimension and type crate mould. With the characteristics of smooth surface, durable, good loading capacity, long working life of 5-8 years.

Plastic crate molds classification

- Folding crate mould
- Bottle crate mould
- Bread crate mould
- Vegetable crate mould
- Fish crate mould
- Milk crate mould
- Industrial crate mould

Crate molds technical point

1. choose the correct steel for mould base and mould core & cavity steel. Control the hardness of each piece of steel material.

2. the moving area and guiding system of plastic crate mold must be processed by high precise machine . Any hand working is not acceptable.

3. Plastic crate mold exhaust system at the handle area is a very important
subject, because when move the loaded crate, the handles area is the biggest force focused. If mold exhaust system at the handle area is not good, it will leave a visible welding line, the product is very easy to damage from this point.

Plastic crate mould is widely used in storage, assemble, transport. Saving cost, improving efficiency, convenient and easy to clean. If you have any interesting , pls feel free to contact.